New Year - New things!

January 14, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The LAST day of 2012 we were gifted with one of the prettiest snow falls I have seen in a long time! I was so eager to get out of the house and capture it! I spent that afternoon with my little guy ZOU and our awesome neighbors and their little pup Maverick! We went out to a field by our apartments and played in the snow like we were little kids again. Us moms sat back and built a snow man and watched Matt snowboard and then run around and play fetch with the dogs! I asked if they wanted to run home and change clothes and get dolled up and meet me back outside for a quick snow-fall photo session! Janelle couldn't get ready quick enough, whereas Matt could have come up with 10 things he'd rather go do! BUT, they agreed and we ventured out! 

Needless to say we got some GREAT shots that day and I couldn't be more happy


I added a few of my photos from their photo session to the Confessions of a Prop Junkie Facebook page to enter into their weekly themed

photo contest! That weeks theme was Valentine Sessions & Kissing Booths! I felt that these images couldn't have been a better fit, so I sent them in!

GUESS WHAT?! They picked MY picture to feature in their blog for that weeks theme!!! I about peed my pants I was SO excited!! Let's just say, I got 

MORE HAPPY! PLEASE take a minute to go visit this blog and check it out, along with all the other amazing talent that was featured! 



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