A little bit about me... Aftyn Marie Smith

It is my passion to envision something, and make it happen. Growing up, I never really had that ONE thing that I always dreamed of doing, or saw myself accomplishing. I know that sounds awful. I was more of the girl to live in the moment... enjoy what was happening in my life at that point! It was never the same thing, either. I enjoyed bouncing around and getting a feel for different things. Once I got through my first couple years of High School and really needed to start thinking about what was next, I really had a hard time. Hair had always been a passion. I was always the go-to girl for school dances, special occasions, or just a night out. Then I really started to think about going to Cosmetology school.

However, I told myself, "go to college first, get a degree, and then live your dream." So I did just that. One semester of college and I still couldn't figure out what exactly it was that I was going for. At that point I decided, "Why waste my time trying to figure it out, when I could be living my dream?" So, I packed up my stuff and moved back home! Some may look down on those who don't graduate from college, but for me, I don't need a degree to be successful and happy! So I did exactly what I wanted, went to cosmetology school, graduated, and found myself right where I wanted to be, finally!

You're probably thinking, "Hair? I thought this was a photography site?" You're right, it is!! Back to the part about me envisioning something and making it happen... I find art, creativity, the unique touch, and the beauty in everything I do and see, it's the reason I love each of my passions! Making someone feel so incredibly pampered and beautiful at the same time is amazing. So I thought, why not start capturing these amazing moments?! That's where I found my passion in Photography. I had always had a camera on me, whether it was the camera on my phone, the point and shoot in my purse, or my fancy Canon that I took out on special occasions. I began to feel something in my photos, apart from thinking "oh that was a good one." I really started to see something that meant so much more to me. I decided I wanted to take Photography to a new level; I wanted to see how much more I could fall in love with capturing a simple moment and making it so much more! At that point, I decided Photography is also, now, a dream of mine!

I will continue living my dreams, and being the happiest I can be. I will strive to capture every beautiful, unique, and special moment of a person's life, making it something you can keep and cherish forever!