What to expect...



Basic Information:

Each session fee covers the sitting, photographer's time and talent & travel, + your high-resolution, custom edited photos available to download directly to your own computer! After you have secured your session and I receive a confirmation email from my booking site, I will contact you to discuss details and suggest locations. Please consider arriving a few minutes early and changing your kiddos into their outfits at our location, to ensure no wrinkles, spilled drinks, bodily fluids, or any other accidents as you travel from home to your session. If it takes your kiddos a few minutes to warm up to new people, like me, your photographer ;), then we can spend some time telling jokes and being silly before the session, to ensure they are comfortable, happy and all smiles!! My goal is to have fun and capture you all at your best, all while being yourselves and enjoying your session! As a few posed photos are good to get frames filled, it is also fun to have photos that are “caught in the moment” and capture what life is really like. So please come comfortable, relaxed and ready, we will have a fabulous time AND capture amazing moments! Feel free to bring any props or items that would be meaningful to use during your session! I do have an assortment of props I can bring to sessions as well, just ask me ahead of time! 


During your photo session, I make it a goal to take LOTS of pictures! In the end I narrow it down to what I feel are the BEST photos that represent you at your best! It’s hard to get each person looking at the camera, smiling, or making an unpleasant face for each shot. You may be blinking in 30 photos, kiddos may be completely losing it during a melt down in 20, and there may have just been a total photo bomb in 30 of the photos! That’s why I make sure to snap plenty of pictures and capture you in your best “light”! I will CUSTOM EDIT the chosen photos, which means each photo will be thoroughly looked over and edited to its full potential!  Custom editing also includes blemishes, scratches, scars, bad lighting, unwanted hands or arms (mom & dad's arms in kiddo’s pictures) unwanted objects, etc.! For the hour I spend photographing you and your family, I will then spend another 5-7 hours in my home office editing each of your beautiful images! Once I have completed your photos, I will email you the link + access code to your own gallery on my website where you will have access to view & download, and even purchase professional prints if you choose to! Please allow up to THREE weeks for me to finish editing your photos! 


From my online booking site, you will be required to pay a non-refundable $50 deposit to secure your session date. The remaining amount will be due at the time of your session! If you choose to purchase a flashdrive, please provide your mailing address.