How much do you charge? Head on over to the Let's Chat tab above & it tells you where my pricing starts for the specific session you're wanting. From there, head over to the Extra Details tab & you will find my pricing guide. 

Do you offer mentor sessions? I do! Find my contact page and let me know you're interested in mentoring information.

Do you shoot newborn photos? The only newborn photos I take are in home / lifestyle family sessions with your perfect new baby. Get with me to see a gallery from an in home newborn session for a better idea of my style. I do not shoot the traditional posed newborn photos.

"Will you photoshop that?" I do not do a lot of photoshop! I am a natural life photographer so I will not alter your physical characteristics. I will however fix any blemishes anyone may have. Make sure you know 100% that you are happy with the way you look in whatever attire you choose!

Can I have the RAW files or any unedited images? This will always & forever be a definite no.

Do you travel for weddings? Yes, I do! I love traveling and I absolutely LOVE weddings located all over the globe. 

Do you offer a second shooter for weddings? A second photographer is included in all of my wedding packages! I feel 10000% comfortable shooting a weeding by myself, but have two set's of hands and two artistic minds is the way to go. 

Do we get the digital files? Yes, you will receive all of the final perfected images that I hand select from your session and or wedding via online gallery, where you can directly download the images onto your computer. The link to your online gallery will be sent to you through email. You can even place print orders directly from your gallery.

Where can I print images? You can either place print orders directly from your online gallery or you can place your print orders to mpix.com - that is where my print release is through.

Do you offer engagement photos with your wedding collections? Yes I do! An engagement session is included in all but one of my wedding packages. It's a great opportunity and time for us to get to know each other before the wedding. It is very important to have the bride and groom feel comfortable with me and the camera. In my past experience, I strongly believe it helps paved the road to how much smoother the wedding day photos go and ensure more fun, compared to couples who have opted out of engagement photos.

Do you offer any special rates? I do! Only with weddings. I offer a 5% discount if weddings are paid in full with cash the day we take engagement or bridal photos.

Should we send you a shot list? Other than a list for family photos, which I HIGHLY suggest, I prefer to shoot without one. I love being able to capture the day as I see it, that is why you are hiring me, right?! 

Can we put photos to social media? Yes! Please do and share away! I love seeing what clients decide to post! I just do require you tag & mention @aftynmariephotography on Instagram and tag & mention the Aftyn Marie Photography page on Facebook.

What if we feel awkward in front of the camera? At almost every session one, both or all persons say that they are so awkward in front of the camera, but what I can assure you is that shooting with me is fun and I want you to relax and feel comfortable! We hang out, laugh, goof off, & you really focus on the love/passion you have with one another. I become more of a pal who tags along and captures the in-between moments, the fun ones, the weird ones, the quiet & sweet, the hilarious, the ones that you will love looking back on for years to come.

What do we wear for our session? A little tidbit about myself, not only am I photography obsessed, but I also have an obsession with style + fashion. If you're worried about what to wear for your session, I got you! Give me a shout & I will send you my style PDF to help you pick out what to wear that not only looks so dang good in photos, but also fits your personality & the kind of session we are shooting (adventurous, romantic, formal, relaxed, ect.)

How soon do we get our photos? For portrait sessions my turn around time is 2-3 weeks. For weddings my turn around time is 6-8 weeks. However, I do send you several sneak peaks a day or two after your session and or wedding!

How far in advance do we need to book? I prefer to book at least 1-2 months for portraits, but if I have the date free, it's all yours. Most wedding are booked within a few months to over a year.

How do we book? Go through my Ready to Book?! tab above, or you can directly email me at [email protected] and we can take the rest from there! Cannot wait to hear from you!