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Wedding Photography 2018-2019


Helllllo, lovely people! I'll start off first by letting y'all know that I LOVE shooting weddings! Seriously, what's better than capturing an entire day that was thoroughly planned out for friends and family to celebrate the love of two individuals?! It's an honor and a pretty incredible feeling to be selected for that role, and that "special" feeling never seems to get old! As much as I love shooting weddings, though, I have always had to limit the amount I could book each year due to the time and detail that goes into perfecting each special wedding day! As most of you all know, I work in a salon as a hair stylist and makeup artist full time, as well. So, between the salon, my standard shoots throughout the entire year and weddings each month, the workload piles up and can become a bit overwhelming for just one person.

Which leads me to my exciting news(!!!)... I am SUPER PUMPED to announce that I will no longer be shooting weddings solo! That's right, I can now say that I have my first "official" paid employee! Saaaaay whaaattt?! Sure, that may seem like a small thing to some of you, but I think it's pretty freakin' cool! 

This is why it's so cool: Having a second photographer ensures more coverage for you, and also helps tremendously to make things on my end go so much smoother! There are so many moments, big and little, that occur in one wedding day, a day you'll never get to relive, and it's hard for one person to single-handedly capture everything, which is why a second photog guarantees that fewer special moments are missed! Moments that you will be able to look back on for the rest of your lives together!


*    *    *    *    *    *    *


Everyone, meet Nam! 


He's been a friend of mine for 12 years and he is incredible behind the lens... he even puts up with my bizarre ideas & requests and works hard and efficiently. I have zero doubts in my mind that this vision of becoming a wedding photography team (or squad, as I like to say), will be anything less than perfect! I'm pretty positive it'll be a fun and entertaining time, as well. I mean, my terrible jokes and incredibly awkward way with words when it comes to posing directions, are definitely things you don't want to miss. ;) 

Branding and business name are not changing, everything will stay as Aftyn Marie Photography, I am just adding Nam as my business partner on the wedding side of things! We came together and built a system that will be professional & fun, and work well for us. We are incredibly excited to lock down our first wedding as a team! We would love to see your names fill up our calendar! 

Pricing/package options have changed and look a little different than they have for the last six years. Oh, and guess what?!?! One of my favorite additions that we have included with TWO of our coverage options (as well as an a la cart option), is a highlight reel of special little moments from your wedding day. How cool, right?! Getch'yer selves a taste of videography from your photography squad and save some money without having to branch out to another vendor!


Sooooo, did you get engaged over the Holiday break, or know anyone who did?! We would love to hear from you and take time to share who we are and what we are all about! 


2018, we're ready! 

Aftyn & Nam


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Lawson | Newborn Lawson | Newborn



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McCrorey | Summer 2017 McCrorey

This momma sure does have her hands full, and they are most definitely full of love. These kiddos are so sweet and are so lucky to have a mom like Ashley, who would go to the moon and back for her babes. I loved getting to spend my evening capturing these photos and seeing first hand how much love this family has for each other! 


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Grable | Maternity I am so pumped that Derek and Whitney found me during their search for a photographer to capture their growing baby bump! Not only did I get to work with these two for their maternity shoot, I get to spend the entire first year with them, capturing all the milestones of their little one when he/she enters the world! <3  





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Miss Grace - Six Months Miss Grace | Six Months 



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Kasey & Taylor - Engagement I cannot wait for this wedding in June! I am so happy you two chose me! :) 


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Molly & Brandon - Engagement I won't be photographing this wedding, but I was soooo happy to capture their engagement session! I look forward to being a guest at this wedding instead of viewing it through a camera! :) 

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Webb - Maternity The Webb family, you all ROCK! I am so glad you found me to capture your family and new baby when she arrives! I am truly looking forward to our next session! :) 

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Adalyn Grace - Newborn Here are the sweet newborn photos for Adalyn Grace. I CANNOT wait to watch this little lady grow and grow!! I hope y'all look forward to seeing each milestone of her first year, because she has joined the Grow With Me club! :) 


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Reaghan - Six Months Here are Miss Reaghans six-month photos! This little gal and her older sister are sure to keep me on my toes for the next 6 months! :) Looking forward to Reaghans 9 month session and Miss Raleighs 4th birthday session! :) 


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Grayson - 6 Months Grayson - Six Months

I am so excited I had the chance to meet little Grayson! My first session with him and meeting his family was his 6 month session. However, I am THRILLED to announce that he has joined the Grow With Me club! :) I get to see this little guy TWO more times this year and I can't wait! Here are a few of my favorites from this milestone session! THANK YOU for choosing ME to photography your little guy and your sweet family! I look forward to watching him grow!



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Featured Photographers | January 2013 In 2013 I have decided to try new things, start new traditions, and open my arms to new people, peers, and friends! One NEW idea I have decided to try, is to once a month give fellow photographers who follow my Facebook page a chance to be featured on my blog! The first week of each month I will post on my photography Facebook page a place for you to tag your business page! The first 10 photographers to tag your business page will be guaranteed one of your photos featured on my "Featured Photographers" blog for that month! Be sure that your images are watermarked, as I will be looking through each of the 10 photographers page and picking out one of my favorite photos! That photo will be posted along with a link to your Facebook business page! This month I was amazed to find so many fellow photographers interested in participating! I had so much fun going through each of your pages and taking a deeper look into your work and getting a feel for your style and the type of photography you each enjoy shooting! :) I hope everyone enjoys this post and enjoys admiring great work by great photographers! If you take a minute to look at this blog post and look through the photos, please take a minute to LIKE all of the photographers business pages! :) - Aftyn Marie Photography Facebook page


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New Year - New things! The LAST day of 2012 we were gifted with one of the prettiest snow falls I have seen in a long time! I was so eager to get out of the house and capture it! I spent that afternoon with my little guy ZOU and our awesome neighbors and their little pup Maverick! We went out to a field by our apartments and played in the snow like we were little kids again. Us moms sat back and built a snow man and watched Matt snowboard and then run around and play fetch with the dogs! I asked if they wanted to run home and change clothes and get dolled up and meet me back outside for a quick snow-fall photo session! Janelle couldn't get ready quick enough, whereas Matt could have come up with 10 things he'd rather go do! BUT, they agreed and we ventured out! 

Needless to say we got some GREAT shots that day and I couldn't be more happy


I added a few of my photos from their photo session to the Confessions of a Prop Junkie Facebook page to enter into their weekly themed

photo contest! That weeks theme was Valentine Sessions & Kissing Booths! I felt that these images couldn't have been a better fit, so I sent them in!

GUESS WHAT?! They picked MY picture to feature in their blog for that weeks theme!!! I about peed my pants I was SO excited!! Let's just say, I got 

MORE HAPPY! PLEASE take a minute to go visit this blog and check it out, along with all the other amazing talent that was featured! 

Confessions of a Prop Junkie Featured blog!
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Jaden turns ONE! Jaden turns ONE!

JJ and I have "adopted" Jaden as our nephew! We try to get together with our good friends Jared and Savannah at least once a week. (Most of the time it's twice a week!) We had always wanted to find that one couple that we could have date nights with, and well, we found them! Lucky for us... they have JADEN! Seriously, cutest little guy you ever did see! :) 

Last weekend he turned ONE! Although he is only one, he looks like he is two, (he is in the 99th percentile for his age!!) and is pretty dang close to being as "far along" as a two year old! He went from scootin' around on a cast, (yes, a cast) to walking, to running! He is full of emotions and screams out what he wants! "HEYYYY DADDYYYYY!" That one is our favorite! :)


I chose this picture to be first because I felt like it really showed him screamin' "HEYYYY DADDYYYYYY!"


So let's back it up and start with some presents! :)

He really only cared for the trash and tissue paper!! That is, until mom and dad got home and put all the toys together! Big trucks, loud games, and squeaky toys! 



At first he wasn't really sure what was going on. "Why the heck is no one feeding this to me with a fork?" and "What do you all expect me to do with this thing?"

THEN, he dug in. Not so much on eating it, but mostly just smashing it into a mush of sticky-ness! 

(oops, I think I dropped some in my diaper...)

(GOAL! I made it in there!)

(EHHH! I don't know how I feel about cake in my diaper!)


He had a BLAST, and I am so happy JJ and I got to be a part of it! Happy Birthday, little guy! :) 






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